Wednesday, 4 June 2014

School and Home Learning Connections

There is nothing more validating for an educator then when the learning that takes place at school is extended to the home environment. The following pictures were taken by the families of some of the students in our class. I was told in many of the emails, that their child was quite persistent on having the picture taken to share what they saw or created! I am so excited that they are learning that technology supports learning and sharing this knowledge with others to discuss further! Thanks to all for sharing these wonderful pictures with us!

D.S. Sharing the garden she created at home!

"Hi Mrs. Ralph,

We were out for a bike ride and O.S. wanted to stop and share her water with the new garden. Truly an amazing learning experience for her, thank you for coordinating and developing a love of nature for her." Suzanne

E.H. Purchased a new sketch pad from Target to continue his love of sketching at home!

K.E. Created our school's fun fair!

M.P. Noticed the beautiful garden planted outside a paint store!

K.E. Sharing his herb garden at home!

C.M. Taking care of a ladybug she found at home!

We look forward to many more sharing opportunities!

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