Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Extending our inquiry learning...

What a wonderful surprise! Today G.B. was excited to share the book she made about rocks with Ms. Powell and I, as well as her class friends!  

"I got some rocks at my birthday party, and I got the idea to make a book because those rocks were so cool. I thought maybe I can write about what they could have been, like the purple one could have been an amathyst, and the blue one could have been from aquamarine, and I thought the pink one would be from the red gem stone called ruby. In my back yard there is a big rock and it sort of looks like a fossil, so I thought it could be a real fossil so I wrote about it. We have a fossil in our class and it looks the same like the one in my yard!" G.B. 

Real authentic learning is even more evident when it extends outside the classroom. Following students' interests in kindergarten supports engagement and motivation and encompasses many curriculum expectations!

G.M. brought in his rock kit to share with the class.

We love when students share their learning with us!

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  1. Thank you for putting my book on the blog. I hope everyone likes my sharing.
    From G.B.