Wednesday, 25 June 2014

June Adventures!

Before posting the June adventures video, I decided to show the students the video accompanied to a few different songs. Since it is their work, I wanted to post the video to the song they most enjoyed. So we watched the video to each of the three songs, and did a survey to determine which song would be played with the video on the blog. We had such a close result that students wanted to show the same video to both songs.

What a memorable learning adventure! Thank you to our families, and most importantly our students, for enlightening us with joy and wonder everyday!


Mrs. Ralph and Ms. Powell


  1. Amazing videos!! Thank you for making us feel like we're a part of the class throughout the year. Both of you have given the children such a wonderful first experience at school. We truly appreciate how much effort you put in to inspire the kids to have a positive and adventurous outlook on life. Thanks so much...

  2. Okay, it's possible that I'm a wee bit overtired tonight, but that had me in tears. The effort you both have put in to teaching our kids, and sharing with all of us so that we could be a part of it, is overwhelming. Thank you...

  3. I agree with Chantal...teary eyed! What a wonderful video.
    I am so thrilled that our daughter had the opportunity to learn and enjoy the experience of being taught under two incredible and dedicated teachers. Those blogs were so enjoyable and made us feel a part of our child's learning. Thank you Mrs R & Miss P!!! Have a great summer.

  4. Great Videos, great teachers, fortunate children - well done Mrs R and Ms P, 10/10 - DJR