Friday, 17 April 2015

Our Marble Run Designs

It is very powerful to give students a picture of themselves working on a creation and listen to their interpretation of what was happening. 

When students document their work it allows them to self-reflect and gives the educator a deeper understanding of student thinking and learning. 

I listened to dialogue, observed how marble runs were created, and documented the experience, but when I listened to students explain what was happening from the pictures I gave them, I was amazed at how much information I had missed. They went deeper and talked about the trials and tribulations they experienced building their runs. They discussed persevering after multiple attempts were tried and things were still not working. And most importantly, they discussed their emotions, how they felt when things worked, didn't work, or peers bothered them. I was proud of their reflections, and their language development, both becoming more detailed over time. 

Come by and enjoy their stories, they are truly proud of their work!

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