Tuesday 18 August 2015

Travelling Tuesday: Inquiring Minds: Mrs. Myers' Kindergarten

Welcome to the second week of Travelling Tuesday!

This week I am so excited to be featuring Darla Myers, an educator that teaches Kindergarten in Ohio and the author of the blog:

 I have been following Darla's blog and teaching journey for quite some time. I love the way she makes learning visible and offers the students choice as well as a variety of materials and experiences to demonstrate their learning.

Purposeful materials are placed to encourage building and engineering.

The art area displays materials arranged by colour supporting intentional selection of items.

-How does the sun move across the sky?
-Why does the moon change shape?
-How are clouds made?
These are some of the children's questions that lead to an inquiry about the sky! What a beautiful display of documentation! For more information, visit Our Sky Inquiry on Mrs. Myers' blog.

Areas that focus on literacy explorations.

Areas that encourage numeracy explorations.

A provocation focusing on the exploration of measurement.

Please share an insight...

"I would say that one helpful insight for me when teaching through an emergent curriculum is to let go and look at the world through the children’s eyes instead of my own. I was so used to controlling what the kids learned in the past. Once I let go of that control and spent more time listening and observing the kids, I started seeing things through their eyes and realized by giving them control and the freedom to follow their interests, their learning was so much more meaningful. Through this they have taught me to slow down, look closer and wonder about even the smallest things. This insight is what helped me to start to create environments that allowed for them to explore and wonder."

For a more inspiring ideas please visit Darla's blog!

Do you have a classroom that encompasses the same philosophies and beliefs about emergent curriculum as we do?

We would love to feature your blog/website for an upcoming Travelling Tuesday!

Please leave a comment below with a link to your site.

Thanks for travelling with us this week!

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