Sunday, 6 April 2014

The importance of flowers!

What we've learned so far during our Bulbs and Seeds Inquiry:

"Bulbs and seeds are different." A.M.

"A pit protects the seed." E.H.

"A pod protects the seed so animals don't eat them!" W.E.

"Bulbs and onions are from the same family because they are both white inside." W.E.

"Onions can grow from seeds or bulbs." E.S.

"Bulbs have food inside them that make them grow without soil." A.P.

"Some plants need soil, and some need just water to grow." I.R.

With all the knowledge we gained, we were still theorizing about how seeds are made. We decided to read a few books to help support our understanding further.

I then asked the students to use some of the knowledge we learned from the books we read and apply it to their own theories of how seeds are made.

"Plants make pollen, then the pollen turns into seeds and then the seeds fall to the ground and new plants are made." C.M.

"Pollen is dust and it flies onto the stigma of another flower and makes a seed." W.E.

"I think the plant flower makes the seed. Then the seed goes down through the stem, and then the roots, and makes more seeds." A.M.

"I think the flower makes seeds in the middle, then the bee collects the pollen and then weed pecker  put the seed in the ground and it starts all over again, it's a cycle!" M.P.

"I think that onions, carrots, and radishes grow flowers and then we get seeds." B.S.

"Seeds drop from the top of the plan." O.S.

"The important part of a flower is that it makes the plant grow." G.M.

"From the pollen in the flower, there's tiny seeds and the seeds fall from the flower." A.T.

"The seed from the pollen can go on to the stigma and then before it dies, the seeds go to the ground and it makes new plants beside it." G.B.

"The stigma is the sticky part in the middle of the flower. It sticks pollen and the seeds are made." E.E.

"Maybe the bees take the pollen from the flowers and then they bring it to another flower then it grows." K.W.

A few students had new wonder questions for the group:

"How does the pollen get made from the flower?" C.M.

"Why do bees come in the summertime and take pollen? Why does the book show bees? Maybe because they suck up nectar and the pollen is stuck on the body?" W.E.

"How do flowers get pollen?" I.P.

I can see a new theme of questions arising! How exciting!

As our indoor seeds continue to sprout and grow, B.S. came up to me one day and asked, "What are we going to do with our plants?". I thought this was a great question to discuss with the class so we can figure it out together.

"We can plant them outside, like where the dirt is. I can make an X of where we can plant them." E.S.

"Soil has food for plants to grow. Dirt doesn't. We can plant seeds outside and see if they'll grow?" E.H.

"We can find an area that has dirt and we can plant there." C.D.

"We can plant near the tree in Sydney's Playground?" A.M.

"We can go for a walk and get a decision of right near the window or near where we go home?" G.B.

"We should plant somewhere where we get sun!" A.M.

"We should plant them when it's warm." M.P.

"We should find an area where no one gets to wreck it." W.E.

What wonderful and exciting ideas! We are so excited to make plans for our outside garden! Stay tuned for new updates! We may need some help!!!

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