Sunday, 23 March 2014

Explorations using the overhead projector!

In order to encourage new explorations, we removed the light table and placed an overhead projector in it's place. When the students entered the room that morning, they immediately started asking questions, drawn to the light being projected on the wall. Below are some of the many investigations and creations taking place! 

"How will I remember it without taking a picture?" B.S.

"I'm not sure? What do you think you can do?" Mrs. Ralph

After some time passed, I noticed B.S. was tracing his creation with chalk.

"What a great idea! How did you figure this out?" Mrs. Ralph

"I saw the chalk and noticed the picture on the blackboard and it gave me the idea to trace it!" B.S.

Further collaborative thinking between A.P. and B.S. led to them asking to use paper to trace their creation which they felt would be more permanent than using chalk which can be erased. 

A.M. was observing what A.P. and B.S. were working on and wondered, why the picture on the blackboard was bigger than the creation on the overhead projector screen?

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