Sunday, 19 January 2014

Measuring Sticks!

We have been discussing and investigating different ways we can measure objects in our classroom.  One day, the Mrs. Ralph brought a bunch of wooden paint stir sticks to class and asked the students, “How can we use these to measure?”.  The students instantaneously suggested that we can put numbers on the sticks.  Further discussion then lead to adding sideway lines that would line up with each number. 

“What about the spacing between the numbers?  How can we make sure the numbers are evenly spaced out on our stick?”  Mrs. Ralph.

 “We can use our finger to help us?” G.B.

“We can use this cube?” E.S.

“Or this cube, but on its side.” B.S.

The students hand painted their stir sticks on each side with white paint.  Once the paint was dry, they got to work creating their “Measuring Sticks”.

Once the measuring sticks were completed, the students were very excited to try them out.  We learned that it is very important to measure starting at zero.  We also learned that we needed to place our measuring stick at the edge of what we were measuring and read the top number. 

After the students practiced measuring various objects in the classroom, we decided to go for a “Measuring Walk” around the school and measure anything we thought was interesting!

The students measured many things on their measuring walk!  Below are a few of the observations made during the walk:

"The frame is 12!" H.S.

"I measured my painting!  It is 10!" O.S.

Measured the people on the mural in the hallway: "One is 8 and one is 13!" A.P.

Measured the light switch: "it's 6 on my ruler!" R.W.

"My backpack is up to 14!" C.D.

"Our tree in the hall, it is big and keeps going and going.  My stick is too short!" P.I.

Measuring a boot: "It is up to 20 on my ruler and the square on the floor is 21!" B.S.

Measured the light switch: "I got 9." D.S.

"The fire alarm is 6 tall!" O.S.

"This block is 10." E.E.

"My block is 7." W.E.

The students have also started to use their measuring sticks to measure our growing Amaryllis and Hyacinth bulb plants, and are excited to use them to measure snow accumulation! 

*measuring sticks inspired by Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade Class on Pinterest*

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  1. That is very clever Mrs Ralph, they look they are having fun and learning at the same time. Heidi asked me to make a measuring stick at home :-)