Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A glance at what we've been learning!

November has been a wonderful month full of creativity and tremendous growth!  Take a glance at what the students have been learning, exploring, and investigating on their learning journey.


Math Concepts

 Math Carpet

G.M. using black marker lids, cubes, and dominos, to demonstrate various ways to represent numbers ranging from one to ten. 

E.E. using cubes, stones, two-dimensional shapes, corks, and dominos, to demonstrate various ways to represent numbers ranging from one to ten. 

A.M. using cubes formed in patterns to represent numbers ranging from one to ten.

C.M. using stones, cubes, bears, and dominos, to demonstrate various ways to represent numbers ranging from one to ten.  


Sorting our animal shelter donations!

We started with a pile of donations! We laid everything out to have a look. As a group, we discussed the items we received and decided to sort them into categories. We came up with leashes and collars, treats and bowls, blankets, toys, cleaning tissues, and towels. I asked the students if they were happy with their sorting categories or if they saw anything else they wanted to do?  

"The bowls should be separate from the treats because bowls are not food!" E.S.

Everyone agreed and we separated the treats and bowls into two categories.  

"The leashes should be alone too!"  C.D.

Everyone agreed as well, and we separated leashes and collars into two categories.

Since we didn't think we would remember all of the categories we created, we decided to write them down and make a list of the number of items we had so we knew what we still needed. As we were compiling our list, A.M. stated that we needed to sort the donations by animals as well. So we went back to our piles and sorted each one by cat and dog items!

Sketching and Painting 

The urn and greenery was our visual
(creative influence: Joanne

Animal shelter blanket creations!

Stitching Holiday Surprise!

The animal shelter blanket creations and the stitching holiday surprise fosters fine motor skills, creativity, character building such as empathy, and allows for a purposeful learning link that extends beyond the classroom to the community!  Both concepts were developed by Ms. Powell and the students of room 108! 

Reading and Writing

Making a plan during center time!

N.S. writing about our hermit crabs: Shelley, Crabby, and Crusty, during Writer's Workshop.

D.C. writing the fourth job (look at the hermit crabs), on our Jobs list during centre time.

That's a lot of fun learning!

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  1. Great Work everyone!!! The animals will be happy and warm this winter :-)