Thursday, 24 October 2013

Our First Outdoor Exploration!

We recently went on our first outdoor exploration! We ventured out to a beautiful space at the back of the school that marveled the students with its abundance and variety of natural artifacts. The students were given clipboards, paper, and pencils which allowed them to document what they saw, thought, and wondered!

Once back in the classroom, the students shared their experience and documentation with each other. During our discussion, we noticed that many students wondered why the leaves change colour? So we asked them what they thought...

"I think the leaves change colour because it gets warmer than colder."  G. B.

"Maybe the wing blows the leaves of the one coloured tree and they land on another tree and change colour to that tree."  C. D.

"I think there's chemicals on the leaves and that makes them change colour.  In the fall the chemicals get washed off by the wind."  A. P.

"Maybe god has a magic spell that makes the leaves change colour."  G. M.

"I think they are not getting enough sun.  the sun doesn't come out as much in the fall.  The sun gives the tree food."  E. S.

"I think when the sun shines down the leaves gets blown by the wind."  H. S.

"Someone comes and paints the leaves."  R. H.

"I think the veins in the leaves have chemicals in them and when it gets cold, the chemicals melt and change colours."  B. S.

"There's special seeds in the leaves that makes them change colour. Then they disappear."  W. E.

"I think the leaves change colour in the wind because they're moving in the wind."  K. W.

"The sun helps them."  P. I.

Throughout the week, the students' interest and fascination with leaves grew even more. They were bringing leaves they found outside into the classroom to show their peers and to observe them more closely. This led to a few investigations.  Ms. Powell laminated some of the leaves that were brought in which were then placed at the light table for further observation of colour, shape and vein structure.  

Investigating colour mixing using red, blue, and yellow paint allowed students to create the colour of the leaf they chose to paint. 

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